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CH4002 Physical Organic Chemistry

Ring-closure reactions and Baldwin's Rules. Elimination reactions. E1, E2 and E1cB mechanisms. Hoffman and Saytzeff Rules. Variable transition state theory. Stereochemistry of elimination reactions.

Syn-eliminations. Structure of carbocations. Neighbouring group participation in substitution reactions. Participation by aryl rings and by enes.

Classical vs non-classical carbocations. Aromaticity of non-benzenoid hydrocarbons and related compounds. Cyclopropenyl cation, cyclopentadienyl anion, tropylium cation. Cyclobutadiene. Larger ring systems. Homoaromaticity. Woodward-Hoffman Rules using frontier orbital approach. Cycloaddition reactions. Sigmatropic rearrangements. Electrocyclic reactions. Cheleotropic reactions.

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