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Senior Sophister Chemistry

Course Coordinator: Prof. Thorri Gunnlaugsson

Senior Sophister:

  • Group I: (55 ECTS)
  • Group II: (5 ECTS)
  • Total: (60 ECTS)
  • Details of projects abroad from Prof. Eoin Scanlan

SS Course Handbook (2014-2015) (PDF, 319 KB)

Module CH4101 (20 ECTS) Research Project

In the final year the practical class consists of a full time research project, during the Michaelmas Term, working with one of the research groups in the School of Chemistry and under the direct supervision of a member of staff of the school or at an acedemic or industrial laboratory in Ireland or abroad.

Module CH4112 (5 ECTS) Advanced Organic Transformations I

Module Code Course Title Lecturer
CH4112 Advanced Organic Transformations I M. O. Senge
    T. Gunnlaugsson
  E. Scanlan

Module CH4113 (5 ECTS) Advanced Organic Transformations II

Module Code Course Title Lecturer
CH4113 Advanced Organic Transformations II M.O. Senge
    J. M. Southern

Module CH4104 (5 ECTS) Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I

Unit Number Course Title Lecturer
CH4005 Advanced Organometallic Chemistry Y. Gunk'o
CH4014 Main Group Organometallics R. Baker

Module CH4105 (5 ECTS) Advanced Inorganic Chemistry II

Unit Number Course Title Lecturer
CH4004 Heavy Transition Metals S.M. Draper
CH4011 Advanced Coordination Chemistry W. Schmitt

Module CH4106 (5 ECTS) Advanced Physical Chemistry I

Unit Number Course Title Lecturer
CH4006 Photochemistry J.M. Kelly
CH4008 Advanced Physical Chemistry M.E. Bridge/M.E.G. Lyons

Module CH4107 (5 ECTS) Advanced Physical Chemistry II

Unit Number Course Title Lecturer
CH4007 Quantum Chemistry D. A. Morton-Blake
CH4009 Solid State R. Evans

Module CH4108 (5ECTS) Option Module

In this module students select four advanced option courses from a list which currently includes:

Unit Number Course Title Lecturer
CH4010 Organic Special Topics D.H. Grayson/M.O. Senge/E. Bergin
CH4021 Molecular Dynamics D.A. MacDónaill
CH4022 Matter Transport in Solids J. Corish
CH4023 Quantum Chemistry D.A. Morton-Blake
CH4024 Heterogeneous Catalysis G.W. Watson
CH4025 Supramolecular Chemistry T. Gunnlaugsson
CH4027 Topics in Structural Chemistry Y Gun'ko
CH4030 Statistical Thermodynamics D.A. Morton-Blake
CH4031 Organic Synthetic Methods II M. Southern
CH4034 DNA Structure and Drug-DNA Complexes J.M. Kelly
CH4036 Bio-organic Chemistry M. O. Senge
CH4037 Electrochemical Biosensors M.E.G. Lyons
CH4041 Material Synthesis using Chemical Vapour Deposition G. Duesberg
CH4080 Molecular Informatics D.A. MacDónaill

Module CH4109 (5ECTS) General Chemistry

This is self directed reading module which conentrates on a review and the attainment of a mature understanding of the fundamental chemical topics introduced over the entire period of the Moderatorship programme.


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