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Technical Staff

Position Name Phone (+353 1 896) Email (at
Chief Technical Officer I Teresa McDonnell 1354 mcdnnllt
Chief Technical Officer (Specialist Glass Blower) Mr. John Charles Kelly 3734 kellyj
Chief Technical Officer II Peter Brien 1277 pbrien
Senior Technical Officer Peggy Brehon 2832 brehonm
Senior Technical Officer Patsy Greene 3732 pgreene
Senior Technical Officer Dr. Manuel Ruether 1050 ruetherm
Senior Experimental Officer Dr. Martin Feeney 2768 mfeeney
Senior Experimental Officer Dr. John O'Brien 1050/1929 jeobrien
Experimental Officer Dr. Brendan Twamley 1050/3463/4443/3182 twamleyb
Senior Technical Storeman Fred Cowzer 1344 cowzerf
Senior Attendant Kieron Galvin 2832 kgalvin
Technical Officer Dr Gary Hessman 2832 hessmang
Laboratory Assistant Dorothy Delahunty 2832 dodelahu
Laboratory Assistant Maura Boland 2832 / 1344 maura.boland
Laboratory Attendant Mark Keegan 3732 keeganm

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