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Kim Mc Kelvey
Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Yun Yu, Vignesh Sundaresan, Sabyasachi Bandyopadhyay, Yulun Zhang, Martin A. Edwards, Kim McKelvey, Henry S. White, Katherine A. Willets, Three-Dimensional Super-Resolution Imaging of Single Nanoparticles Delivered by Pipettes, ACS nano, 2017 Journal Article, 2017

Ruperto G. Mariano, Kim McKelvey, Henry S. White, Matthew W. Kanan, Selective increase in CO2electroreduction activity at grain-boundary surface terminations, Science, 358, (6367), 2017, p1187--1192 Journal Article, 2017

Kim McKelvey, A. Alec Talin, Bruce Dunn, Henry S. White, Microscale 2.5 D Batteries, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2017 Journal Article, 2017

Kim McKelvey, Sean R. German, Yulun Zhang, Henry S. White, Martin A. Edwards, Nanopipettes as a Tool for Single Nanoparticle Electrochemistry, Current Opinion in Electrochemistry, 2017 Journal Article, 2017

Parker, A.S., Al Botros, R., Kinnear, S.L., Snowden, M.E., McKelvey, K., Ashcroft, A.T., Carvell, M., Joiner, A., Peruffo, M., Philpotts, C., Unwin, P.R., Combinatorial localized dissolution analysis: Application to acid-induced dissolution of dental enamel and the effect of surface treatments, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 476, 2016, p94-102 Journal Article, 2016

Chen, Q., McKelvey, K., Edwards, M.A., White, H.S., Redox Cycling in Nanogap Electrochemical Cells. the Role of Electrostatics in Determining the Cell Response, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 120, (31), 2016, p17251-17260 Journal Article, 2016

Momotenko, D., McKelvey, K., Kang, M., Meloni, G.N., Unwin, P.R., Simultaneous Interfacial Reactivity and Topography Mapping with Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy, Analytical Chemistry, 88, (5), 2016, p2838-2846 Journal Article, 2016

Tomlinson, L.I., Patten, H.V., Green, B.L., Iacobini, J., Meadows, K.E., McKelvey, K., Unwin, P.R., Newton, M.E., Macpherson, J.V., Intermittent-contact Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (IC-SECM) as a Quantitative Probe of Defects in Single Crystal Boron Doped Diamond Electrodes, Electroanalysis, 28, (10), 2016, p2297-2302 Journal Article, 2016

McKelvey, K., Edwards, M.A., White, H.S., Resistive Pulse Delivery of Single Nanoparticles to Electrochemical Interfaces, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 7, (19), 2016, p3920-3924 Journal Article, 2016

A. Alec Talin, Dmitry Ruzmetov, Andrei Kolmakov, Kim McKelvey, Nicholas Ware, Farid El Gabaly, Bruce Dunn, Henry S. White, Fabrication, testing, and simulation of all-solid-state three-dimensional Li-ion batteries, ACS applied materials & interfaces, 2016 Journal Article, 2016

Chen, C.-H., Jacobse, L., McKelvey, K., Lai, S.C.S., Koper, M.T.M., Unwin, P.R., Voltammetric scanning electrochemical cell microscopy: Dynamic imaging of hydrazine electro-oxidation on platinum electrodes, Analytical Chemistry, 87, (11), 2015, p5782-5789 Journal Article, 2015

Nadappuram, P.B., McKelvey, K., Byers, J.C., Güell, A.G., Colburn, A.W., Lazenby, R.A., Unwin, P.R., Quad-Barrel Multifunctional Electrochemical and Ion Conductance Probe for Voltammetric Analysis and Imaging, Analytical Chemistry, 87, (7), 2015, p3566-3573 Journal Article, 2015

Kim, Y.-R., Lai, S.C.S., McKelvey, K., Zhang, G., Perry, D., Miller, T.S., Unwin, P.R., Nucleation and Aggregative Growth of Palladium Nanoparticles on Carbon Electrodes: Experiment and Kinetic Model, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119, (30), 2015, p17389-17397 Journal Article, 2015

Aaronson, B.D.B., Byers, J.C., Colburn, A.W., McKelvey, K., Unwin, P.R., Scanning electrochemical cell microscopy platform for ultrasensitive photoelectrochemical imaging, Analytical Chemistry, 87, (8), 2015, p4129-4133 Journal Article, 2015

Momotenko, D., Byers, J.C., McKelvey, K., Kang, M., Unwin, P.R., High-Speed Electrochemical Imaging, ACS Nano, 9, (9), 2015, p8942-8952 Journal Article, 2015

Byers, J.C., Paulose Nadappuram, B., Perry, D., McKelvey, K., Colburn, A.W., Unwin, P.R., Single Molecule Electrochemical Detection in Aqueous Solutions and Ionic Liquids, Analytical Chemistry, 87, (20), 2015, p10450-10456 Journal Article, 2015

Perry, A.R., Lazenby, R.A., Adobes-Vidal, M., Peruffo, M., McKelvey, K., Snowden, M.E., Unwin, P.R., Hopping intermittent contact-scanning electrochemical microscopy (HIC-SECM) as a new local dissolution kinetic probe: Application to salicylic acid dissolution in aqueous solution, CrystEngComm, 17, (41), 2015, p7835-7843 Journal Article, 2015

Zhang, G., Kirkman, P.M., Patel, A.N., Cuharuc, A.S., McKelvey, K., Unwin, P.R., Molecular functionalization of graphite surfaces: Basal plane versus step edge electrochemical activity, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136, (32), 2014, p11444-11451 Journal Article, 2014

McKelvey, K., Kinnear, S.L., Perry, D., Momotenko, D., Unwin, P.R., Surface charge mapping with a nanopipette, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136, (39), 2014, p13735-13744 Journal Article, 2014

Timp, W., Nice, A.M., Nelson, E.M., Kurz, V., McKelvey, K., Timp, G., Think small: Nanopores for sensing and synthesis, IEEE Access, 2, 2014, p1396-1408 Journal Article, 2014

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Parker, A.S., Patel, A.N., Al Botros, R., Snowden, M.E., McKelvey, K., Unwin, P.R., Ashcroft, A.T., Carvell, M., Joiner, A., Peruffo, M., Measurement of the efficacy of calcium silicate for the protection and repair of dental enamel, Journal of Dentistry, 42, 2014, pS21-S29 Journal Article, 2014

O'Connell, M.A., Snowden, M.E., McKelvey, K., Gayet, F., Shirley, I., Haddleton, D.M., Unwin, P.R., Positionable vertical microfluidic cell based on electromigration in a theta pipet, Langmuir, 30, (33), 2014, p10011-10018 Journal Article, 2014

Al-Lehyani, I.H., Grime, J.M.A., Bano, M., McKelvey, K., Allen, M.P., Coarse-grained simulation of transmembrane peptides in the gel phase, Journal of Computational Physics, 238, 2013, p97-105 Journal Article, 2013

Nadappuram, B.P., McKelvey, K., Al Botros, R., Colburn, A.W., Unwin, P.R., Fabrication and characterization of dual function nanoscale pH-scanning ion conductance microscopy (SICM) probes for high resolution pH mapping, Analytical Chemistry, 85, (17), 2013, p8070-8074 Journal Article, 2013

G"uell, A.G., Lai, S.C.S., McKelvey, K., Snowden, M.E., Unwin, P.R., Scanning electrochemical cell microscopy: A versatile technique for nanoscale electrochemistry and functional imaging neil ebejer1, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 6, 2013, p329-351 Journal Article, 2013

McKelvey, K., O'Connell, M.A., Unwin, P.R., Meniscus confined fabrication of multidimensional conducting polymer nanostructures with scanning electrochemical cell microscopy (SECCM), Chemical Communications, 49, (29), 2013, p2986-2988 Journal Article, 2013

Kinnear, S.L., McKelvey, K., Snowden, M.E., Peruffo, M., Colburn, A.W., Unwin, P.R., Dual-barrel conductance micropipet as a new approach to the study of ionic crystal dissolution kinetics, Langmuir, 29, (50), 2013, p15565-15572 Journal Article, 2013

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McKelvey, K., Martin, S., Robinson, C., Unwin, P.R., Quantitative Local Photosynthetic Flux Measurements at Isolated Chloroplasts and Thylakoid Membranes Using Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM), Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 117, (26), 2013, p7878-7888 Journal Article, 2013

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Patel, A.N., Collignon, M.G., OConnell, M.A., Hung, W.O.Y., McKelvey, K., MacPherson, J.V., Unwin, P.R., A new view of electrochemistry at highly oriented pyrolytic graphite, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134, (49), 2012, p20117-20130 Journal Article, 2012

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Güell, A.G., Ebejer, N., Snowden, M.E., McKelvey, K., Macpherson, J.V., Unwin, P.R., Quantitative nanoscale visualization of heterogeneous electron transfer rates in 2D carbon nanotube networks, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 109, (29), 2012, p11487-11492 Journal Article, 2012

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McKelvey, K., Edwards, M.A., Unwin, P.R., Intermittent contact-scanning electrochemical microscopy (IC-SECM): A new approach for tip positioning and simultaneous imaging of interfacial topography and activity, Analytical Chemistry, 82, (15), 2010, p6334-6337 Journal Article, 2010

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Scanning Electrochemical Cell Microscopy: Mapping, Measuring, and Modifying Surfaces and Interfaces at the Nanoscale in, editor(s)Michael V. Mirkin, Shigeru Amemiya , Nanoelectrochemistry, CRC Press , 2015, pp655 - 694, [Barak D.B. Aaronson, Aleix G. Güell, Kim McKelvey, Dmitry Momotenko, Patrick R. Unwin] Book Chapter, 2015

Research Expertise


I specialize in quantifying and visualizing electrochemical reactions at the nanoscale. I have extensive research experience and expertise in electrochemistry, physical chemistry, and scientific computing. Electrochemical Scanning Probe Microscopy (EC-SPM) Designed and constructed of high-resolution EC-SPM instruments used to visualize nanoscale electrochemical reactions. Development of new techniques which improve the resolution and functionality of EC-SPM, such as Intermittent Contact-Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy, Scanning Electrochemical Cell Microscopy, dual-electrode and quadruple electrode probes, surface charge mapping using Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy, Bias Modulated Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy, and combined pH-Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy. Nanoscale Electrochemistry Quantifying and visualizing the electrochemical response of a wide range of materials including carbon nanotubes, boron doped diamond, single micro-crystals, chloroplasts/thylakoid membranes, molecular transport through dentin, dynamics of methylated double stranded DNA, finger printing the secretome of single living cells, electrocatalytic activity of single nanoparticles, and localizing CO2 reduction on polycrystalline gold. Simulation and Scientific Computing I have extensive experience in mathematical simulation, computational modeling, and software engineering. I typically use simulations to quantify the electrochemical response from nanoscale electrochemical measurements, including mass transport in nanoscale 3D solid-state Li-ion batteries. I have software engineering experience in industry. Creating physical simulation for interactive 3D character control in computer games during my time at NaturalMotion. I developed these for major computer games (Grand Theft Auto 4, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3).