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International Summer School Chemistry Event

10th Anniversary
Sunday, 29th June to Saturday 5th July, 2014

This is a one week programme run in conjunction with the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, UK, and is aimed at transition year and 5th year students (16 years of age and over) who would like to engage together with secondary school students from the Bristol area and from Schools in Malta and Germany, in an exciting Chemistry experience. It will involve Irish students travelling to Bristol for the first part of the course and then returning to Dublin together with the Bristol area students for the second part. There will be about 50 students in the combined group.

The course offers a unique opportunity for travel, for interaction with students from a different educational system and for hands-on exposure to advanced methodology in world-class laboratories. It is not “all work and no play” either, as there is also plenty of social interaction.

Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information and application form please see the links below:

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