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2015 Newly Elected Fellows and Scholars

Trinity Monday Announcements

FELLOWSHIP: Congratulations to Prof. Rachel Evans on her election as Fellow to the College on Trinity Monday.

From left to right: Profs Michael Lyons,
Rachel Evans, John Kelly
Prof. Rachel Evans and members of her group

SCHOLARS: Congratulations to all the students who were elected as Scholars of the College on Trinity Monday and in particular to the students who sat the Chemistry Scholar examinations*.

Mark Berney*
Iwan Blake
Laura Katharine Finnegan
Andrew Neill*
James Orr
Dónal Ring*
Ronan Treanor*

Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials:
Kyle Frohna
Eoin O'Sullivan
Kate Reidy

Medicinal Chemistry:
Simon Nicholas Smith

Congratulations to Prof. Gunnlaugsson's group

Congratulations to the Gunnlaugsson group whose article ‘Synthesis, crystal structure and EPR spectroscopic analysis of novel copper complexes formed from N-pyridyl-4-nitro-1,8-naphthalimide ligands’ (Dalton Trans., 2014,43,6468-6479, DOI: 10.1039/C3DT53323A) was one of the top 20 most accessed Dalton Transactions articles from the 1900+ articles published in 2014. The work was carried out in collaboration with Dr. Jonathan A. Kitchen, a former IRCSET and SFI postdoctoral fellow in the Gunnlaugsson group in the TBSI and now a lecturer in inorganic chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University of Southampton, and with Dr. Grace Morgan and a Postdoctoral Fellow from her laboratory, Dr. Paulo N. Martinho, at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, UCD. To view the web collection of 2014’s most accessed Dalton Transactions articles, click here.

Prof. Wolfgang Schmitt awarded ERC Grant

Schmitt & Kelly
Prof. Wolfgang Schmitt (School of Chemistry) &
Prof. Daniel Kelly (Dept. of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering)

Congratulations to Prof. Wolfgang Schmitt (School of Chemistry) one of seven researchers at Trinity College Dublin awarded EU European Research Council (ERC) prestigious grants.

Please see TCD link for more information:

Transformative Chemist Welcomed to Trinity


Cocker Lecture 2015

Internationally renowned inorganic chemist, Professor Karl Wieghardt, delivered the 2015 Cocker Lecture


Professor Karl Wieghardt, the internationally renowned inorganic chemist, was welcomed to Trinity College Dublin to deliver the 2015 Cocker Lecture. Among his many awards are the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Centenary Medal, the American Chemical Society’s Award in Inorganic Chemistry, and the Wilhelm-Klemm Prize.

Professor Wieghardt, the founding director of the Max-Planck-Institut für Bioanorganische Chemie (1994 – 2010), spoke enthusiastically about how progress in the field stemmed from the days of trailblazer Alfred Werner, who is referred to as the Founder of Coordination Chemistry.

Professor in Chemistry at Trinity, Sylvia Draper, said: ‘This fascinating, historical account of Alfred Werner’s celebrated paper of 1910, revealed the character of the man who took scant information to systematically define an entirely new branch of chemistry. On measuring the charge, elemental composition and chirality of a series of compounds he determined unequivocally that the metal coordination geometry was octahedral. In a stroke of genius (or good fortune!) and without any of the benefits of later theories and techniques, he undertook investigations on the one complex system in which his observations were valid – Cobalt(III). It is clear that his co-workers were gifted experimental researchers and that their supervisor left no room for self-doubt!’

TCD-2015 Cocker Lecture

The Cocker Lectures commemorates the life and work of Professor Wesley Cocker, who held the Chairs of General Chemistry and University Professor of Chemistry in Trinity College Dublin until 1978. He was responsible for introducing spectroscopic techniques in the elucidation of stereochemical transformations, not only in the College but in Ireland. He was proud of his Lancashire roots and a devout methodist with a wry sense of humour. It was wonderful to see his daughter Katharine Given and her husband at the event.

Dr. Mary Carson and Professors Brian McMurry and David Grayson were all appointed as young lecturers to during Professor Cocker’s tenure as Head and this legacy in the Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Discipline is still very much alive.



Trinity Student Scientific Review (TSSR) Journal
– Volume 1 – launched March 10th



Congratulations to Elaine Kelly for her excellent work in her role as Chemistry Editor and to all the Chemistry undergraduates who submitted an article for publication, in the new TSSR (Trinity Student Scientific Review) ( Journal.

The authors of the five published and price winning chemistry review articles were:

Best Chemistry Essay:
“Targeting ligands and Nanovehicles: A Novel Approach to Lung Cancer Therapy”.
Shelly Stafford (JS Chemistry)

Best Freshman Essay:
“The Uses and Limitations of Absorption Spectroscopy in the Development of Non Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems”
Kate Reidy (SF N-PCAM)

“Production of Hydrogen and its Role in the Transition to a Clean Energy Economy”
David Madden, (SF Chemisry)

“Minor DNA Groove Binding Agent Optimisation”
Rory Scanlon (SF Medicinal Chemistry)

“Developments in Metal Organic Frameworks for Utilisation in Catalysis”
Joseph Eiffe, (JS Chemistry)

TSSR Elaine Kelly TSSR
Elaine Kelly (JS Chemistry student and a scholar of TCD) was the 2015 TSSR, Chemistry Editor.

2015 Broad Curriculum Winners – The Chemistry of Fuel Cells

Photo left to right: The BC winners ‘The Chemistry of Fuel Cells’ with Prof Mike Lyons and Ms. Michelle Browne

The Senior Freshman School of Chemistry Broad Curriculum Finals were held on the 27th of February in the Tercentenary Hall in the Trinity Biosciences Institute (TBSI). The Finals were attended by over 200 secondary school students from 7 secondary schools in the Dublin area, academics from the School of Chemistry and the SF chemistry class.

A huge Thank You to the judging panel, which was made up of:

Michael Seery, (RSC representative and Lecturer in DIT)
David Birkett, (Henkel Ireland)
Patricia Duffy , (Secondary School teacher, St. Mary’s Baldoyle)

Well done to all of the Finalists and Congratulations to the winning team:

Winners: The Chemistry of Fuel Cells
Staff Mentor: Prof. Mike Lyons
BC co-ordinator: Ms. Michelle Browne

2nd place: The Chemistry of Anaesthesia
Staff Mentor: Prof. David Grayson
BC co-ordinator: Mr. Robert Conway-Kenny

3rd place: Pencil Case Chemistry
Staff Mentor: Prof. Valeria Nicolosi
BC co-ordinator: Mr. Riley Gatensby

For a more detailed description of this event please see the Outreach section on the School of Chemistry's website.

RSCThis year’s BC final was sponsored by RSC and Lennox. Lennox

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